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PostSubject: Gūrrzag warlock   Gūrrzag warlock Icon_minitimeSat Mar 29, 2008 12:44 pm

Personal Information
Name : Samuel
Age: 15
Country: sweden
Gender : Male
English level (1-10): 10

Character information
Character name: Gūrrzag
Class: Warlock
Race: orc
Level: 70

Talent Spec/Willing to respec?: Destroction/demology but i can respecc if u want.

Time Played in your main character: 25 days

PvE Experience
Zul`Gurub: y
Molten Core: n
Onyxia: n
Black wing Lair: n
AQ 20: n
AQ40: n
Naxxramas: n
Karazhan: y
Gruul: n
SSC: lurker
MH: n
BT: n

Pre-Quests Completed
Karazhan: I dont have key but its not needed in new patch Laughing

Instances: all

Heroic Keys: almost all

Schedule and availability
Monday: 17.00 onwards
Tuesday: 17.00 onwards
Wednesday: 17.00 onwards
Thursday: 17.00 onwards
Friday: 17.00 onwards
Saturday: All day
Sunday: All day

Gear/Armoury Link:

Fire Resist: 0
Nature Resist: 0
Frost Resist: 0
Shadow Resist: 0
Arcane Resist: 0

Other Info - Proffesions etc?: tailor/

Reputations: honored with the most

Last guilds: Inkeeper/The Pack/The Brotherhood of Steel.

Why do you want to join Revised?: I want to get better gear and new friends Smile
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Gūrrzag warlock
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